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Brunch in the Park

Brunch in the Park

Cutting Edge Haunted House

1701 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Friday, 10:00 am - Noon on August 16th, 2019

The Project

CaMp Global Ministries will be serving breakfast tacos.  This is an opportunity for you to join us as we share fellowship with any who may want to join in.

The project will need volunteers to serve, and equally important, to play games and love on the folks who come to play.  Get involved by signing-up for the purpose that best fits your gifts.

A Testamonial

Who Is My Neighbor?


A couple of weeks ago CaMp did a heat-relief targeted event down on Lancaster where we provided cold drinks and snow cones to the folks down in the area.  There were several ministries out that day serving in various ways so we were kind of “just a stop along the way”.  I say that to emphasize the point that there really wasn’t a lot of “ministry” going on from our group other than just a kind word and all the cold fluids one could carry.  We had been out there for a couple of hours and were beginning to wrap things up when a mid-sized SUV drove up and the passengers started calling out their orders for us to fill.  Seeing as we were not set up as a drive through, it struck me as a bit odd, AND this person didn’t seem to be numbered among the homeless population by the looks of her.  Regardless, we quickly got all the drinks together they had asked for.  It struck me oddly when they then began placing their snow cones orders, while still seated in the car!  Without thinking or taking time to control my tongue, I blurted out, “I’m not your servant”. 


Oh my! 


It was kind of like God just stopped me in my tracks and said, “Yes, yes you are”!  I had and still have no idea what is going on this woman’s life.  I felt so small and ashamed because I had jumped to some pretty big conclusions.  Pride is an awful thing.  Scripture tells us in Proverbs that pride goes before the fall.  I felt like an epic failure in that moment.  Well, I did fill those snow cone requests and I was reminded of a very valuable lesson; never make assumptions about others.  Whether well dressed and seemingly carefree or ragged, dirty and troubled, we are all in desperate need of a Savior and someone to just be kind.  One of the 2 greatest commandments Jesus gives us is to love your neighbor as yourself.  Who is my neighbor?  The person living next door?  The man on the street?  Those who fill the pews of my church?  I would challenge you to look around you and see where the needs are, and offer a kind word or a simple act of kindness.  Then you are loving your neighbor as Christ commanded.


Donna Poole

President CaMp Global Ministries

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