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Standing in the Ocean

I wanted to share this from our last trip to Haiti which was just days after hurricane Matthew. Adriana Cruz was such a blessing to the team and to me. This is her testimony of God's love and perfect provision.


Thanks Adriana!


"You call me out upon the water, the great unknown "🌊✨

During my mission trip to Haiti I was able to be a part of something so much bigger than me and so much bigger than I could have possibly imagined!  God pushed me further than I thought possible, he put me out of my comfort zone more and more each day!  There were times where I was terrified but I continued in full faith doing whatever it took to do what was asked of us by Him.  


One of my biggest fears has always been to be in deep waters where I can no longer feel the bottom, the ocean being my biggest fear of them all.  So, of course, with the sense of humor God has he placed us on a small boat in the middle of the ocean night, talk about pushing past comforts.  However, I made it and was so super excited that God showed me what I was capable of if I simply trusted in Him full heartedly. 💛


After a full day of clinic in Île á Vache, Pastor Yves wanted to take us to an isolated island to assess the damage from the hurricane.  As we proceeded to the island of Love we came to the conclusion that the island was now 4ft beneath the Caribbean Sea!!  We got to jump in and enjoy the amazing time on the island that was no longer.  As I STOOD in the middle of the ocean in crystal clear water I felt God's presence so strongly!  GOD is so good that he blessed me with letting me be in the middle of the ocean where I could feel the bottom!  He pushed me way out of my comfort zone but because I trusted in Him full heartedly He blessed me beyond measure and I am so grateful that He allowed my team and I to personally witness what I believe to be one of his many miracles!!

I am a true testimony that God loves unconditionally and that He is a forgiving Father!  I am testimony that full faith and obedience activates His unbelievable power.  God loves me the same way He loves you , so believe me when I say that if you believe it, He will do great things in your life, way beyond your expectations!

Thank the Lord we serve, a God who's perfect! 

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