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Published by · August 12, 2016 ·

Posted by Claire Binkowski from the event we held at Unity Park in Ft Worth today.

This afternoon I was blessed to have the opportunity to help serve cold drinks to the homeless community in Fort Worth.  However, the afternoon didn’t go quite as I had planned…

With the temperature hovering around 105 degrees and our tables set up directly in the sun on the hot concrete, about 45 minutes after we got started I could feel my body temperature starting to rise.  I really don’t sweat very much so this is not the first time I’ve felt myself start to overheat.  I grabbed a cold drink and was attempting to go sit down for a minute which is usually all it takes, but I guess I was just a little too late and ended up passing out.

 Several months ago I had joined this same group in serving breakfast to these men and women. Just as they had last time, the group leaders encouraged us to go out and talk with those we were there serving.  Although my life hasn’t been without struggles nothing I have experienced comes close to what these individuals go through on a daily basis. Feeling like I couldn’t relate and never knowing exactly what to say has held me back from going out and really talking to them, preferring instead to stay back in the serving line.

The next thing I remember after I passed out was being surrounded by people, including several of the homeless men and women, some of who were trying to provide shade from the sun. These were the men and women I was supposed to be there serving, and in an embarrassing turn of events, they were they ones trying to help me, even if just by showing concern. After taking a few minutes to cool off, I went back out to try and help finish up. For the first time, I felt compelled to step out from behind the serving tables and visit with some of the homeless men and women.  Watching the compassion they showed me, allowed me to realize that God didn’t care if I had the right words and He didn’t expect me to be able to relate to their situation, all that He was asking me to do at was be willing to sit with them and show compassion just as they had for me. 


Although this may sound strange, I'm grateful for what happened today and considering that I have been riding and running everday in the heat without any problems, I also have to believe this goes to show that sometimes things happen right when they need to.

“When there are no words, simply love them & hold their hand.”

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